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tv   [untitled]    January 18, 2012 8:01am-8:31am PST

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pro-small business people who are not involved in that creek and mortar kind of thing. as the mean you are less -- does that mean you are less of an advocate? no, but there is a difference. it is not about a mayor or a board of thing. we are far from being ideologues. as we know, 90% of the votes on this commission and 7-nothing. at one point could the board of supervisors say that? they are always provided --/.
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there is no one qualified to say they are more for small businesses than the other. and we are all for people, and i do not see what the big deal is. things should be shared. commissioner o'brien, you are going to be on this commission for many more years, and there is going to be a lot of opportunities to resume in one of the leadership positions. i am simply asking that it be shared at this point with an actual small-business owner. our respective your desire is to stick to your guns, but it is not a matter of you being more deserving or her being more
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deserving. you are both deserving. you go on display at a significant commitment of advocating on behalf of small and businesses and -- you both this play a significant commitment of advocating on behalf of small businesses. >> keeping track of where we are out, do we have public comment or not? i thought we have public comment. >> there was a motion but nose second. it is a new motion. my understanding is we would need to take public comment. >> that is to continue or not to mark >> the motion is to continue until the february meeting.
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>> shoo we continue roll-call? do we have public comment? of >> members of the public, please speak your name clear earlier. -- your name clearly. parks are want to focus on the word balance. we are setting a bad precedents. i have worked with hundreds of small and businesses. i spoke to a woman who said the interest would not be there because of the way the commission was sent oup. if we continue along this path, and the small business does not have a leadership role. those people will no longer have an interest, because they
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will not think they will be able to obtain leadership roles. i tell you it is a dangerous precedent to start. parks next speaker. your parks are would like to echo some of those statements -- >> i would like to echo some of those statements. it is not important politically for city hall, but this commission is vitally important for small business people like me. we come to this commission for guidance, to tell you what our plight is, what our employees mean to us, and i think to flip-
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flop is not going to be beneficial, although i commend to commissioner o'brien for doing a wonderful job. he has seen pharaonic now professional. i do not think you will have a better commissioner than kathleen dooley. she has many coalitions that come to her. she has a lot of support from the grassroots level but rely on her. her phone rings off a hoax. -- off the hook, so it is vitally important and we have that resources to go to a.
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it has been my personal experience that very many coalitions refer to her. i think it is not fair to flip- flop. i think commissioner o'brien is going to do a good job, but i urge you to a accept kathleen dooley as vice president. >> thank you. no further public comment. >> just reflecting on public comment, i will say every commissioner has strong skills, and the ones that will succeed as i hope we will continue to advocate for strong skills on a commission. i am very concerned that because of changes, a big money is ruling the day.
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goowhen you look at something le america's cup, it is going to be very easy to steamroll some people, and there are going to be people who need advocacy, and it is not just america's croup there are massive changes coming, and i really think those small people who could easily be overlooked because there is a money coming to town, i think my concern is really about the people who will not have a voice unless we give those people a voice, and my comments are
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really proud allocated -- are really from public comment. someone who has a presence and works really strong for them, because the medium sized businesses have all the advocacy they need. it is the small ones that do not. >> commissioners, we have a proposal on the table. chris, can you do a roll call on that? >> you made a motion to continue on february 2. commissioner adams 7-? [calling votes] commissioner clyde: no. commissioner o'connor: no. parks commissioners, the motion
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fails, and now -- >> commissioners, that motion fails, 3-3. parks there has been a systemic problem on the commission. >> would you like me to advise? at this time the election for officer is still open. do we take nominations yemen? >> that is to the commission, but we take nominations again, and if we are not able to have an action and has an action, the next step is to call the meeting to a close, but we cannot continue the meeting. commissioner clyde: i would
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like to nominate kathleen julie for vice president based on everything we have heard. gooperhaps i would like to nomie commissioner -- >> i would like to nominate commissioner o'brien. >> would you like to make a statement again? >commissioner dooley: just one more comment. our commissions are not 100% appointed by anyone, and this is something i feel for this commission to gon on in a
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productive manner, mr. o'brien has served. i believe he should be gracious and allows someone of the service. he has an opportunity in the following year, and just to be fair it is not right to flip- flop positions. should we no longer have any democracy? this is what it sounds like to me, and is a simple change in -- a simple staying. -- a simple thing. there is a problem here.
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commissioner o'connor: they would suggest that my desire to serve is not gracious, and i do not agree it is on gracious -- ungracious to want to continue to serve. as indicated earlier, i think the play of this commission -- i think deeply of this commercial. if my attendance record was staggered or are was not involved, if i was not able to talk about various issues before us, i would not be here, but it is because i really feel very
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important about my desire to serve on this commission, it is one based on public service. when senator brock obama was putting his name forward to run for the presidency, he was asked to please not go forward. it is really time for mrs. clinton. she should be there. she had been in the business for years. they had a strong political history, and he said, i desire to serve. he put his name in, and they ask to nominate for vice-
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president, and he said, let the process go forward. i would only ask my fellow commissioners not to attempt to be little or accuse me of not being gracious in my desire to serve. it is a desire for public service more than anything else, and i would appreciate in if it can be interpreted that way and not stand in any other way. >> thank you for bringing up barack obama and hillary clinton. i think many people would have thought things would have gone a little bit better for her, or for the country, but i will say as i and my service on this
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commission that are really hope -- but i really hope in rises to the level of maturity of planning commission and demonstrates. the ones that share our weighted in favor of the mayor's office, and i believe the maturity of the protocol demonstrates maturity, and i know commissioner dooley's deeply passionate, so those are awash. whatever happens, it will be a
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good day when this commission rises to the level of maturity of the planning commission and other commissions, and frankly, i am not going to vote to support a narrowing in this commission. this commission should be broader and not more narrow, and what i am seeing is a narrowing. for some reason, the seat cannot be filled. the fourth mayoral appointment has not been filled, and i think that is really telling, and hopefully that will broaden our commission can make a stronger commission, but i do not know because this vote is not illustrating the maturity. it is illustrating a narrowing
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of focus, and i find that really troubling, and hopefully, we are broadening, and there will be a lot of advocacy. this will show it is not capable of being the small business commissioned it was chartered to be. cracks seeing no commissioner's comments, we didn't have public comment -- >> seeing no commissioner's comments, we have no public comment? >> public comment is opened. >> seeing none, thank you very much. much appreciated. public comment is closed, and back to you, chris. >> as with previous rounds, we
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will go in order of those nominated. commissioner kathleen dooley was nominated. on that motion. commissioner clyde: yes. commissioner dooley: yes. >> unfortunately, you cannot of spain. you need reasons for it -- you cannot abstain. >> the motion fails, 3-3. commissioner o'brien was nominated. [calling votes]
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that motion failed, 3-3. >> the you say the rest of the meeting is adjourned or just this item? >> without being able to take a formal action on this, we are required to close the meeting. if we are not able to continue this through a formal motion -- if we are not able to continue to the february meeting, the next step is to make a motion to close the meeting, but we still need a 4-3 vote on that. do we want to discuss it? >> of his time, commissioners can take additional nominations,
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or we would refer to robert's rules of order, and you need to either continue this on february 7 with four more commissioners, or the only option is to close the meeting. if commissioner o'connor is no longer present, since this is a procedural motion, only a majority of commissioners currently president would be required to vote to close the meeting. >> we need a majority. >> you just stated we need a majority at this point, which is i believe what the city attorney advised us if we have five
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commissioners in attendance. goobacks right, and that assumee have a commissioner willing to put a motion before the board to vote on whether to continue or not. perhaps we have two options. to continue we would need four votes. perhaps we would have to put that in motion. -- >> we would have to put that in motion. >> our attorney noted if there are five commissioners in attendance, we would need a majority to close the meeting. >> do we have a motion to continue? >> no. >> based on the legal advice, i
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now call this meeting to a close. >> unfortunately, we still need to go through the same sort of procedural steps. you can not so's you'd allow correlation -- you cannot just unilaterally call the meeting to a close, so we need to have you call a motion and go through the steps and have a majority approves it. >> even with every commissioners if they moved to close, we can close the meeting? >> yes. >> thank you for staying behind to do that. >> i make a motion and we close the meeting. >> i second. >> any objections? seeing none, the meeting is now closed.
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>> this is holly lee knox. there are some proud pet owners in san francisco and they have brought all their pets here to strut their stuff.
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>> it's an annual event that we've had. this is our 18th year. we bring in rescue groupers, vendors, supporters, lots and lots of animals. it's a proud day for us and for the animals of san francisco. >> the costume contest is really fun. people get really creative. it's a really fun event. people go all out, create costumes, buy costumes, whatever it is. but there's some really fun ones. >> we're just celebrating the pets and just their companionship and how they are invaluable. so everybody's having fun. >> we're the city's open door
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shelter. that means we take in every animal that comes through our door regardless of age, condition, species, everything in the city comes through us that is in need. >> animal care control, it is such an important agency and is very understaffed, has very few resources. but we make animals don't have a home, that we get them a home and that we don't put the animals to sleep, that we're able to adopt them out. >> we have a huge number of volunteers who come in and they will walk our dogs, socialize our animals, play with cats, play with them, bring them to adoption events today. >> i volunteer with the animal control center and i do that every week. >> we're in an organization called friends of a.c.c. with that organization, you can donate money if you don't have time. if you do have time, you can
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come down to the shelter and volunteer to actually have one-on-one time with the animals. if you're like me and you don't have time to give to an animal, if you actually have one of your own, you can get your fix on the weekends, come in and pet them and love them and it's great. >> this has been pet pride 2011 brought to you by san francisco animal care and control. to find out more, visit them on the web at sfgov>> hello. 9 judge terri l. jackson. the court is now recruiting prospective civil grand jurors. our goal is to develop a pool of candidates that is inclusive of all segments of our city's population. >> the jury conducts investigations and publishes findings and recommendations. these reports them become a key part of the civic dialog on how we can make san francisco a better place to live and work.
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>> i want to encourage anyone that is on the fence, is considering participating as a grand jury member, to do so. >> so if you are interested in our local city government and would like to work with 18 other enthusiastic citizens committed to improving its operations, i encourage you to consider applying for service on the civil grand jury. >> for more information, visit the civil grand jury website at or call
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>> we believe we can bring innovation to government, entrepreneurs, developers, with the government to make a difference. i would like to introduce mayor ed lee of san francisco to kick
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us off. >> thank you, good morning. happy new year i want to start out by saying the new year brings us -- while we still hear bad news from the federal and state economy, i have always believed, particularly this last year as interim mayor, working with people like ron conaway, jenn, certainly talking with david chiu, we need to innovate our way out of a lot of these problems. you are going to hear me use that word innovation quite a bit. i think, for our city, innovating ourselves into more transparency to be more customer


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